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Why Choose Glacier Stone Supply?
Whether you’re designing a dream home or a commercial property, Glacier Stone Supply has a variety of natural stone that can bring the timeless beauty, ruggedness and enduring nature of the Rocky Mountains right to your doorstep.

Beauty isn’t the only reason you should choose our stone veneer. Consider the following:

  • Glacier Stone’s Natural LiteTM Thin Veneer can help architectural/design firms obtain points toward LEED Certification.
  • The quarrying and fabrication process of stone veneer produces very little pollution/waste and is energy efficient compared to the massive quantities of electricity and oil used in making competitive construction materials such as synthetic stone, cement, ceramic, metal, plastic and glass.
  • Stone lasts for centuries, so renovation and replacement is not required.
  • The beauty of natural stone coupled with its physical strength and chemical resistance makes it the material of choice in construction applications.
  • Natural stone provides a strong thermal mass which impacts ambient air temperature therefore promoting energy efficiency.

We work closely with architects, designers, developers and homeowners to bring their building concepts to full realization. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide exactly the right stone for each job. Follow the links on the right to the resources you need for your project. Please remember we are always available to discuss in person your project requirements to help determine the best solution.