Architectural & Building Stone

Most of our quarries produce landscape application products. You can choose from natural Bighorn flagstone to natural Canyon Creek and Bitterroot steps. Landscape boulders and outcroppings add focal points to your design and there is nothing better than a drystack boulder wall to emphasize the look of permanence. The options are limitless from patios and fire pits to rock walls and outcroppings.

Montana Collection

Introducing Glacier Stone’s Montana Collection – a striking array sourced from Montana’s quarries. Each stone captures the rugged beauty of Montana’s landscapes, from the Rocky Mountains to Glacier National Park. With rustic charm and enduring elegance, this collection promises to elevate any project with the essence of Montana’s grandeur. Experience the raw beauty of Big Sky Country in every exquisite detail.

Limestone Collection

Introducing Glacier Stone’s Limestone Collection, sourced from quarries across the United States. Each stone in this collection embodies timeless simplicity and natural beauty, reflecting the unique characteristics of American limestone. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications, these stones offer versatile elegance to enhance any space. Experience the understated sophistication of Glacier Stone’s Limestone Collection, curated with care from domestic quarries.

Sandstone Collection

Introducing Glacier Stone’s Sandstone Collection, renowned for its timeless charm and inherent warmth. Crafted from one of nature’s most beloved materials, each stone boasts distinctive textures and earthy tones that add character to any setting. Whether used for accent walls, walkways, or fireplaces, sandstone lends a rustic elegance that transcends trends. With its natural durability and enduring appeal, Glacier Stone’s Sandstone Collection promises to transform spaces into inviting retreats, where beauty and functionality harmonize effortlessly.

Quartzite & Granite Collection

Introducing Glacier Stone’s Quartzite & Granite Collection – a fusion of sophistication and durability. Each stone exudes timeless elegance, whether it’s the sleek, marble-like appearance of quartzite or the enduring beauty of granite. Perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, this collection elevates any space with its unmatched style and resilience. Discover the beauty and durability of Glacier Stone’s Quartzite & Granite Collection for your design needs.

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