Thin Veneer

Bighorn Creek has a wide range of rich multi-colored hues of rust, bronze and copper created from the stone’s iron content. Its core is a blue gray.

Bighorn Creek products should not be installed on or near a water feature or pool. Bighorn Creek products contain a certain amount of iron, thus bleeding may occur. Bighorn Creek products must be cleaned with a cement or stone cleaner and allowed to dry completely. Masons must be very careful not to mix too much lime or calcium in their mortar mix to avoid “bleeding”. Masons should seal Bighorn Creek after it is set in mortar. Glacier Stone, LLC is not responsible for improper installation that results in “bleeding”. There is NO WARRANTY against this stone “bleeding” by Glacier Stone Supply, LLC.

Available Styles


Roughly parallel tops and bottoms with natural or snapped edges.

Height: 2” to 7” x Length: 6” to 16”+

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